interlocking rock panels

modularArts® AuralScapes® Ceiling Tiles create a continuous ceiling topography, designed to help control annoying ambient sound. Diffusing surfaces scatter reflected sound and soften typical “slap-back” echo from hard surfaces. Sound absorbent tiles with PET felt over hollow cavities deaden and reduce overall ambient sound.

The proprietary magnetic attachments connect from below and entirely conceal the grid, allowing an uninterrupted sculptural surface. And you can breathe easy — tiles are composed of glass-reinforced gypsum with a lightweight foam core, for healthy, fire-safe ceilings.

The 24” tiles work with rectangular t-grid cloud applications. A variety of wood borders are available to provide finished perimeters.
US Patent No. 9,175,473 & Canada Patent No. 2860044

To obtain a quote or place an order, email or call 206-788-4210.

The Crush™ and Scatter™ Ceiling Tiles have been laboratory tested to record data on diffusion characteristics specific to their sculptural topographies.
GLL files are provided above for system designers and consultants. EASE software allows you to run calculations and extract additional manufacturer information.
More information on EASE:

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