InterlockingRock PANELS


modularArts® Interlocking Panels are joined on-site to create an uninterrupted and continuous sculptural wall surface. The GRG panels (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) are cut and handled much like a wood product. Standard woodworking tools are used to cut and trim the panels to fit into any area. Mount-points are precast into the panels, or may be added anywhere on the surface by way of a countersink drill bit. The panels may be attached to various types of walls and substrates. By gluing the panels together at the edges and applying a flexible filler (see instructions) the seams blend and the individual panels become a continuous wall surface.

All four edges of the panels align and interlock for minimal work in seaming.

In new construction our panels must be installed over existing drywall where fire walls are required by local code. Although the InterlockingRock® panels create a good fire barrier, they are not intended to substitute for the code requirements of drywall.

Seal the surface with the approved low-VOC primer and paint with any interior paint. Flat paint should be used as the finish coat for optimum seam blending. (we recommend airless spraying). Whites and lighter colors will amplify the contrast created by shadow and highlight.

Please contact modularArts® for further installation details.

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