interlocking rock tiles

Architects and Designers have specified well over a million square feet of our large-scale commercial panels in hotel lobbies, commercial offices, and nightclubs around the world. They've often inquired about whether we have a smaller product that would be more suitable for less expansive areas—and we've been listening!

Our new small-scale tiles are designed for tighter areas and more intimate spaces. Where our large-scale panels might be too unwieldy to install, or too large in scale, our new tiles offer the ideal solution!

Residential feature walls, back-splashes, hotel room accents—where the viewer is in closer proximity to the product—are all inviting applications for this elegant, durable, and fire-safe product. In addition, the tiles come in handy boxes of twelve (rather than large crates) and are easily shipped by standard parcel carriers.

To obtain a quote or place an order, email or call 206-788-4210.

That's all it takes to mount
a tile to the wall, no gobs
of slathered on, stinky adhesive!

Refined Detail.
More refined than our
dramatic large-scale
panels, they look great
in closer proximity and
are easier to install in
smaller spaces.

Tiles are sold in
manageable boxes
of twelve, and shipped
by parcel carrier.


TILE SIZE: 16" x 16" x 1" max. relief

WEIGHT: 1.75 lbs. per sq. ft. (+/-.5 lbs.)

MATERIAL: High density, glass reinforced gypsum with a lightweight class A foam core.

COLOR: The tiles are a mottled white. The finished surface may be painted any color.

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